How to Trade Your League of Legends Account for Cash or Crypto

Trying to leave the gaming life behind or perhaps want to get into the crypto world without spending your own money?


When it comes to selling your League of Legends account, you have multiple options – multiple online LoL marketplaces – to choose from. Since cryptocurrencies are ever-popular now, you can sell your League of Legends account for either crypto or the old-school cash option.


Without further ado, here is how to evaluate your League of Legends account’s worth and sell it the safest way possible.

How to Value Your League of Legends Account


Hard work pays off at the end of the day but validating your hard work is a tricky part of the road to sell your League of Legends account for a fair price.


A great way to start off with the value is by looking at the most famous marketplaces out there like and seeing the prices on League of Legends accounts similar to yours. This is just to get the general idea of how much your League of Legends account can go for.


For a greater and more detailed look – Riot Games thought of it all. Under their support page, you can type “how much have I spent on League of Legends,” and by logging in to your account – you will see the total amount of real money that you’ve spent since creating the account. 


There are plenty of League of Legends account calculators just to make sure you get the best value for your account. You can find a lot of League of Legends calculators, mainly in the marketplaces, before you can list up your League of Legends account.


Note that having a lot of champions and Blue Essence will do you good – players typically search for accounts with a decent champion selection and enough BE to buy all of their role-specific champs. We are all different in our playstyle, so – having the right amount of champions, rune pages and Blue Essence is always great for the future buyer to modify the account any way they like.

Key Factors that Change the Price of League of Legends Accounts

Below, we will take a look at a few criteria that might affect the account you’re selling.

Region & Servers

We can’t miss out on the region being the key factor for the price of one League of Legends account. Once you get into one server – you are bound to play on it unless you want to spend an extra $25 for a transfer. 


Why is this a key factor, you may ask? 


Because different regions have different player count, and some are more demanding on the market than others. For example, the most populated servers like China (CN), North America (NA), and Europe (EUNE, EUW) are depleting the stock of League of Legends accounts daily and the prices usually are higher.


So, do the math and see if you have an account that can be transferred to another region to get out with more profit.

Number of Champions or Blue Essence

One thing is certain – League of Legends accounts with huge champion pools sell higher on the market. But it’s not just the numbers – we have to add that there are different champion prices; therefore, one Kai’sa is worth more than Master Yi, Annie and Nunu together. 


Champions are available at multiple prices – the older the champion, the less it will cost on the League of Legend launcher and vice-versa. So, if you have most of the newer champions, your account will go for a higher price.

Riot Points

For those that don’t know the meaning of Riot Points – they are LoL’s in-game currencies used to buy skins, champions, region transfers, name changers, rune pages, etc. 


So, if you have RP stacked into your account, make sure to input their price as well. While you can’t evaluate them at 100% – 50%-80% is just enough to pump up the price when selling your account for cash or crypto.

Skins & Customization


In-game customization has always been a big component of online gaming – we always want to look stylish – even when it comes to games. So, having more customization items will drive the price further. The more skins, wards, emotes, icons and chromas – the higher the price will be on the market. 


Just like with the champions – skins are coming in tiers as well. The higher the skin, the more costly it will be for them to buy it. So, if you are lucky enough to land more than one of those Ultimate skins from hextech crafting, you will get more out of your account when you sell it. 


One of the most important factors to consider when selling your account is its ranking. Besides everything we mentioned above, having a high rank above Platinum will increase the price of the account – a lot. The higher the rank, the higher the price – simple as that. 


Also, a big factor is that buyers are checking the ELO before buying the account. So, even if you are ranked Diamond but have lower ELO, your account will be dodged by multiple buyers. No one wants to experience matchmaking with low MMR players, and most potential buyers will avoid your account if the MMR is not correct – make sure to consider that.

How to Sell Your League of Legends Account Hassle-free


The reason you want to sell your League of Legends account doesn’t matter – what matters is safety when selling it. You want fair and square deals, and that’s a must for top-tier marketplaces.


After calculating your League of Legends account’s worth, you can sign up on the site on which you want to sell your League of Legends account. Next, verify your account and provide the correct information. 


The next step is listing the account by creating an offer and stating all the details for everyone to see. Once done, you will need to wait until the operator accepts your offer and verifies that you are indeed the owner of the account and that everything’s okay.


Afterward, you will arrive at the final stage of this process – chatting with the buyer and maybe negotiating a price.


Note that during our research, we didn’t find any LoL marketplace accepting cryptocurrencies. However, you can sell your account for crypto by striking a deal directly with the buyer – which will rarely happen because you won’t find a buyer ready to believe you if they don’t personally know you.


Nonetheless, you can sell your account for cash and buy crypto afterward – it’s basically the same.

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