How Networking in College Will Impact Your Future Business

Students hear a lot about the importance of networking in college. But it can seem daunting and exhausting to some to even try. However, if you are thinking about starting your own business or building a significant career afterward, it is a crucial step to take.


Of course, you might say that you have no time for that as a student. There is so much to do anyways – classes, written assignments, social life, and probably, a part-time job. At the same time, one might be working on a business idea and developing a future product. But networking is something that can make entrepreneurship much easier and boost one’s career. It is worth making sacrifices sometimes.


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This will help you find time for networking. If you’re still not sure as to how it can impact your future business.


What Networking is About?

Investopedia describes it as a building connection between individuals with a common professional field or interests to share information. It is necessary not only to share ideas but also to expand the professional reach, get more field-related opportunities, and be on top of the industry.


To add to this, even networking with people not in the same profession is extremely beneficial for future entrepreneurs. For example, you can meet individuals that can help to develop MVP or a prospectus business partner.

  • According to the LinkedIn survey of 2020, 73% of professionals were hired through networking in the past.
  • According to TechJury, about 70-80% of jobs are not even posted publicly.
  • And GreatBusinessSchools reports that networking is the most effective way to find a job.


Even if you are not looking for jobs and focus on your future business, it is still extremely useful to have such connections in the industry. For instance, you’ll be able to hire the best employees for your company this way before they get other offers.

Benefits of Networking in College

College is a perfect time to meet new people organically. There are plenty of events, conferences, community gatherings, lectures, etc. All of them open for one to attend and communicate. One can meet future business investors, talented individuals to partner with or establish their presence in the industry. Here are some of the many benefits of networking.

Share Ideas and Get Advice

One of the best results of student networking is that you get to communicate with experts and industry leaders on what you are interested in. You can share ideas and get advice on what is meaningful for your business. It is probably the only period in adult life when you can get such consultancy for free.


It is great to develop concepts together or get a new fresh idea simply from a conversation with someone who has a lot of experience in this field. It can help to avoid risks and common mistakes. And it will be helpful to make more informed business decisions.

Communication Practice

Social skills are important for almost any type of entrepreneur. You’ll be doing a lot of pitching in the future, whether to get investors or to attract partners. College is an amazing time to practice that. All of this will prepare you for any kind of social situation, from interviewing a job applicant to leading meetings with vendors.


Think of it as one of the marketing tools to get your name out there and reach out to influential people. One can learn from how others interact and from their interactions as well.

Opens New Opportunities

They say it is not what you know but who you know. And for better or for worse, it is true for everything regarding professional performance.


There are plenty of opportunities one might not be even aware of. Communication will get you in front of people that can significantly impact your future company. These can be potential vendors, investors, suppliers, designers, marketers, or simply individuals who know those mentioned before.


Maybe someone from alumni has a lead to a producer who can give you a great deal for a specific detail for your product. Or perhaps you’ll meet an amazing product designer that will make your brand stand out. You just never know what kinds of opportunities are out there unless you reach out.

Establish Reputation

Not only will you get to know people, but they will get to know you. It allows getting the name out there as well as establishing your expertise, motivation, and leadership.


It is always easier to succeed in the industry where you know someone and are also a somewhat known person. It builds a positive reputation, which is biased in your favor. Even if you meet with someone you do not know personally, but they’ve heard something positive about you from someone they trust, you are more likely to get along.


How to Start?

There are many ways to get started with networking. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Visit guest lectures at college and meet speakers;
  • Visit conferences and seminars related to your industry;
  • Give a speech at the conference and meet new people this way too;
  • Participate in student events and gatherings to communicate with peers;
  • Go to employment-related college events;
  • Establish LinkedIn presence, get into relevant groups, and talk in public discussions about the industry there;
  • Participate in community events, like volunteering, charities, or making a change for the better.

In Summary

Networking can significantly impact your future business in unpredictable ways. It helps to get your name out there, share ideas, get professional advice, and meet the right people. 

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