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Google Suspends ‘Microblogging Platform ‘Parler’ From The Play Store

Internet giant Google has suspended US-based Microblogging platform ‘Parler’- where most of the supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump are shifting their base- from its app store, provoking posts inciting violence and demanding ‘robust’ moderation for flagrant content from the social networking service.


Due to the social media outrage, Apple also admonished Parler on Friday that it will ban the service from its app store if it does not start to moderate its content better. The move by the two Silicon Valley companies came the day when twitter permanently suspended Trump’s Twitter account due to the ‘risk of occurring further incitement of violence’.

Google said in its statement, “it is our duty to protect the safety of our users on Google Play Store, our longstanding policies require that apps displaying user-generated content have moderation policies and enforcement that remove egregious content like spots that provoke violence. All developers agree to these terms & norms and we have reminded Parler of this clear policy in recent months.”

Apple in its statement said, “it has received numbers of complaints regarding objectionable and irrelevant content in Parler service, accusations that the app was used to plan, coordinate and facilitate the illegal activities in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, that cause loss of life and things, numerous of injuries and destruction of properties.”

It is the liability of all the social networking services that it allows only relevant and hormonal content which connect people through their thoughts and opinion anything which harms the harmony and peace of the society should be the object of suspension and ban.

In the word war between apple and Parler, the CEO of Parler, John Matze in a post challenges Apple’s position. He said, “Apparently they believe Parler is responsible for ALL users’ generated illegal activities and contents on ‘Parler’ platform. By the same view, apple must be responsible for All actions taken by their phones. Every car bomb, illegal phone calls, crime committed on an iphone, apple must take responsibility for all the destruction.”

He further added that we value the term of rules and regulation and always enforced our rules against violence, illegal, and unacceptable activity. But we won’t cave the politically motivated companies and those authoritarians who hate free speech.


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