From biscuit to makeup and from fridge to AC, prices may go up in future

The costs of day to day goodwill be rising in the country. This will cause concern amongst the general public. The prices of biscuits, beauty products are expected to see a rise.

Consumer durables products will be expensive

Home appliances such as refrigerator-AC, TV, cooler, the prices of the products may increase going forward as the commodity prices are seeing a steady increase. The demand for products will again see an increase and their cost is also increasing. Due to this, the prices of consumer durable products will increase.

Orient Electric will increase the price

Orient Electric, a company operating in this segment, has said that commodity prices are increasing continuously. From steel to plastic, zinc, copper, the price and cost of all have been higher than before, so now the increase in the price of fans, coolers to kitchen appliances cannot be avoided. An increase of 4 percent can be recorded in the prices of these products.

Biscuit price will also go up

India’s largest biscuit company Britannia can also increase the prices of products because the prices of wheat, sugar, palm oil are constantly on the rise and the cost of biscuits is increasing. The company has clearly indicated that a jump of up to 10 percent can be seen in the price of biscuits. Its effect can be seen first on the price of Britannia’s Good Day Biscuit.

Dabur also indicated increasing the price

On February 3, according to the company’s management, the company may increase the prices for the second round in the coming quarter. Earlier, the company has increased the prices of healthcare products like Dabur Chyawanprash, Pudin Hara and Honitus.

Beauty products will also go up

The beauty industry may be witnessing a huge price hike in products such as lipstick, eyeliner, compact powder.


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