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Food security mission will be emphasized on oilseed crops

The National Food Security Mission (NFSM) has been included to increase food production and productivity as well as to prevent post-harvest losses. Under Post Harvest Management, emphasis will be on primary processing, construction of small godowns at village level and local needs. In this mission, special emphasis will be given to the productivity of pulses and oilseed crops. There is a plan to provide improved seeds for this. Priority is being given to soil, seeds, irrigation and post-harvesting management of the farm under NFSM.

Under the mission, there has been a bumper increase in productivity with production from FY 2014-15 to 2019-20. During this period, the production of pulses rose from 12.7 million tonnes to 23.2 million tonnes. This has made the import dependence of pulses negligible. Similarly, the total yield has increased from 25.20 million tonnes to 29.67 million tonnes. There has been a spectacular increase in the level of productivity. Foodgrain yield has increased from 2,028 kg to 2,325 kg per hectare.

A senior official of the ministry said that during the last five years, 16 lakh quintals of advanced varieties of coarse grains, pulses, certified seeds were distributed to farmers of selected districts. While 74 lakh quintal hybrid varieties of paddy and wheat and high productivity seeds have been distributed. This has helped enough to replace old seeds. Seeds were distributed free and delivered to farmers’ homes.

To achieve the goal of NFSM, 2.75 lakh tube wells were installed under ‘Har Khet Water’ and ‘Per Drop More Crop’. While 1.27 lakh sprinkler machines and 7.64 crore meters of water pipes have been distributed to the farmers. The result of such a mission initiative will be seen in the coming years. The soil of 1.10 crore hectares was tested for the success of the mission. Simultaneously, micronutrients, bio-fertilizers, gypsum and lime were distributed to those lands.

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