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FMCG product sales back on track, 17 per cent growth in the third quarter

During the lockdown, there was a significant increase in the sale of FMCG product due to people staying in homes and stocking goods. But after the lockdown norms were, the sale of FMCG products declined. But now once again the sales of FMCG product has increased. The FMCG market has registered a 17 per cent expansion in the December quarter.

Sales of branded food products increased 

Sales of personal care, home care and packaged snacks began to decline from August to September last year, but after this, the sell of branded food and drink products items started growing. According to a report in Economic Times, data from sales automation firm Bijcom shows that FMCG product has registered a growth of 17% in the December (2020) quarter. This growth was six per cent in the September quarter. In fact, this decline was recorded in the sale of FMCG product due to lockdown restrictions. But now growth has steadily increased. Whereas in the June quarter (2020), there was a decline in sales compared to its previous year (2019).

During festivals and weddings, the FMCG product sale was high

People associated with FMCG product companies say that the December quarter was very good in terms of sales. FMCG product sales are expected to increase further due to festivals and weddings in winter. It is expected that the first quarter of 2021 will prove to be very good in terms of sales. In fact, in October-December 2019, sales fell to four per cent in the same period of last year. Last year during this period, sales had increased by 13 per cent.