Due to the chaos in the stock market, investors lost Rs 13.44 lakh crore in a day

Due to the huge fall in the Indian stock market due to Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, investors have suffered huge losses. Due to the huge fall in the domestic stock markets, investors have lost more than Rs 13.44 lakh crore. Due to this fall, the wealth of investors decreased by Rs 13,44,488.54 crore. With this, the market capitalization of companies listed on BSE came down to Rs 2,42,24,179.79 crore. The market capitalization of these companies as on Wednesday was Rs 2,55,68,668.33 crore. 

The biggest fall in the market so far is the biggest fall
in the market in terms of points after 23 March 2020. Then due to the knocking of the first wave of Corona epidemic and fear of lockdown, there was a big decline in the stock market. That is, Thursday’s fall is the biggest fall in terms of points in the history of the Indian stock market. At the close of trading today, the Sensex fell by 2788 points to 54,445 and the Nifty closed at 16,218 points with a fall of 842 points.

Due to the fall in the last 7 trading sessions in the market, the market capitalization of Reliance Group has decreased by more than 1 lakh crore, while the capitalization of Adani Group companies has come down by Rs 66000 crore. However, many experts believe that after Russia’s stand, if it is decided to impose economic sanctions on it, then further decline in the stock market is possible.  



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