Delhi government issued 4.75 lakh e-token to buy alcohol

On Saturday Delhi government had sold 4.75 lakh token for the purchase of alcohol, in order to ensure social distancing and to avoid overcrowding at wine shops due to Covid-19.

According to officials, the individual should register himself for e-token through mobile phone and then they can collect their alcohol from a shop that is allowed to operate in the city. After getting registered for e-token every customer has allowed a specific time to buy liquor from the shop.

The decision of e-token was taken to stop overcrowding at liquor shops. From past days people are breaking the rules and regulations of Social distancing and thousand of people hang around the wine shops.

The Delhi government said on Thursday that The registration for e-token can be applied by anyone through the link only the name and phone number of the applicant will be required and the e-coupon will be sent at the registered mobile number. After registration, that person can buy wine from the shop.

After 2 lockdowns held in the country, the central government has given some relaxation in some area in the third lockdown.

According to the norms of the central government, the Delhi government can open around 200 shops across Delhi from Monday onwards. Due to avoid overcrowding and long queues in some areas, only 50 shops could be kept open.

The Coronavirus cases have the highest rise in the past seven days in Delhi along with states of Punjab and Tamil Nadu. These three states registered about 44 per cent of new positive cases.

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