Know how to buy Bitcoin and use cryptocurrency in India

The supreme court has legalized the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in India. But RBI still opposes the use of cryptocurrencies.

The country’s Supreme Court has legalized the use of bitcoin. This has brought some relief to cryptocurrency traders. The world of virtual currency is growing abundantly and continuously and is one of the supergiants of the bitcoin industry. India is a big country like China and this decision has shown a lot of support to the world of digital money. The news that cryptocurrency is legal in the country has caused a stir among tech-savvy traders and everyone is eager to know about buying bitcoin in India. Here is a detailed guide to the process.

How to buy bitcoin in India?
Indians are interested in buying Bitcoin a cryptocurrency which is a promising medium for the future. The process of buying bitcoins has become easier as they have listed three easy ways to buy coins online.

Use Bitcoin Exchange
The Bitcoin Exchange enables merchants to purchase Bitcoins from verified sites. is the website which lists a number of exchange sites where an individual can purchase services through apps and websites that provide the application. The list is extensive and provides detailed information by country and continent.

Browse P2P directories
The P2P or peer-to-peer directory helps users check bitcoin rates and make purchases accordingly. Online merchants only need to link bank accounts, upload funds and start trading effectively. P2P directories are basically an organization-linked application and website that can charge service charges for easy business connections within a cryptocurrency organization.

Use bitcoin atm
Bitcoin ATMs function like regular banking ATMs. However, they not only allow merchants to withdraw money, but anyone can deposit money. It helps bitcoin owners to buy and sell bitcoins easily. The official website of this cryptocurrency company enables people to find the nearest bitcoin ATM through an interactive map.

Buying bitcoins and using cryptocurrencies is now legal, and many netizens are curious about the website. As of March 4, 2020, the current price of Bitcoin is Rs 6,46,743.66. This currency can be used as a transaction method for sending and receiving money. However, the RBI still opposes the use of cryptocurrencies.


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