Draper-backed Unstoppable Domains rolls out new domain

All cryptos that existed were born equal and endowed with the right of the human-readable address. That is the philosophy behind the Unstoppable Domain’s latest initiative .Crypto blockchain top-level domain (TLD).

The .Crypto domain registry will reside on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users will connect their cryptocurrency address, a public key address to the .crypto domain address. Thus allowing users to receive payments with blockchain domain address, notes the announcement.

The company started out with the .zil addresses for the Zilliqa domain, which manages to sell around 100000 .zil domains.

The basic objective of the blockchain domains is to simplify the cryptocurrency payments. Unstoppable Domains believe that doing away with the long addresses, which is difficult to remember, could help them to foster the mainstream adoption for the crypto.

But the blockchain domains can also be a valid replacement for the traditional domains, holdings various advantages.

As they are mainly stored on the immutable and decentralized ledger network, blockchain domains cannot be censored by anyone across the globe, which gives them an additional tool in the fight for free speech. There are not even governed by the ICANN or any other agency, and as such, they have no such custodians. No third party can seize a domain, and there are no subscriptions: once taken, the domain remains forever with the owner.

But as nothing is perfect in this world, and blockchain domains do have some of the disadvantages, primarily due to their novelty. Browsers cannot resolve the blockchain domains without any of the third-party extensions, and subsequently, they are not even indexed by Google or any such other mainstream search engine.

Unstoppable Domains is running a promotion till the 21st of October: for any purchase. zil domain with the eight or more characters, the corresponding  .Crypto domain will be offered for free plus $1 of store credit for every $1 spent on domains, notes the announcement.

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