Courier and E-commerce services will start from April 20

The central government permitted to start the operation of e-commerce companies and courier services from April 20. The vehicles of e-commerce companies will allow on road with necessary permissions. The delivery of e-commerce services will be allowed to that area which has no hotspot for Coronavirus cases according to the Ministry of Home affairs.

Although during the national 21 days of lockdown e-commerce companies were allowed to carry on the delivery of essential goods and groceries then also problems are being faced by delivery boys due to strict rules and regulations from the authorities.

During the past 21 days of National lockdown, many cases reported that delivery boys of e-commerce companies being beaten by police, but lastly the Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured that delivery person would be able to operate and deliver essential goods and groceries at customer doorstep.

Flipkart will continue to help the consumer by promoting social distancing and through the sanitized supply chain with contact-less deliveries and a safe last-mile delivery process. The central government has released some guidelines in which state and local authorities will collaborate in order to help e-commerce services said by Flipkart Group spokesperson on Wednesday.

Further many e-commerce companies are also collaborating with the retail shops to ensure the customers can stay indoors.

Further, the spokesperson said that ” we will meaningfully contribute in this battle of the virus by fulfilling all the necessary needs of the consumer at their doorstep and also focusing on the safe supply chain.

Snapdeal spokesperson also said that in this critical situation the e-commerce ascertains that each citizen will get all the facilities at the doorstep and stay indoors. Snapdeal is looking forward to serving the nation.

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