Chandrani Sarkar promoted to chief editor of TNBC Live

Chandrani Sarkar, former editor of TNBC Live, got promoted to editor-in-chief of the TNBC Live news website. The promotion took place after the News Broadcasting Corporation Plc. joined TNBC Live in 2019.

Founded in 2010, TNBC Live serves as a news providing platform giving to-the-minute updates on various subjects including politics, entertainment, sports, business, and technology. Aninda Bhowmik, CEO of News Plc. said: “I have been planning to make TNBC a global news platform to improve the image of journalists everywhere.”

The editor-in-chief, Chandrani Sarkar follows a strict protocol in news collection and distribution, prioritizing the authenticity of news stories. TNBC Live provides an in-depth analysis of political stories, giving an international perspective on world events and entertainment. TNBC Live caters to the regions of Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington.

Moreover, The News plc, parent company of TNBC Live, recently joined Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK), an advertising firm that has The Guardian, Google, and Facebook as their board members. According to IAB UK, “The News plc is the leading global diversified media asset holding associate that delivers content based on original and independent editorials through a collective portfolio of over 45 different brands reaching a premium audience of more than 80 million consumers across 28 countries.”

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