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Bitcoin price crosses 64 thousand dollars

The cryptocurrency bitcoin has set a new record on Wednesday. It has also crossed the highest level of 64,000 US dollars for the first time, breaking all its old records. In 2021, bitcoin has achieved many new heights. This year, the value of this world’s largest cryptocurrency has more than doubled. This surge in bitcoin has taken place due to the increasing acceptance of mainstream cryptocurrency as an investment and payment instrument. In the same week, this global company based on coinbase is also likely to be listed.

Ready to be listed with a 100 billion valuation

Its trade in Asia has climbed 1.6 percent to reach $ 64,207 today. The boom has also come because the performance of cryptocurrency-based stock rights blockchain Inc, Marathon Digital Holding Inc, has also gained momentum in the US market. Despite the skepticism of many experts on its sustainability, this cryptocurrency has been adopted by many listed companies of America. Its acceptance in Wall Street is also increasing rapidly. That is why on April 14 it is listed in Nasdaq with a $ 100 billion valuation.

Giant companies like Tesla adopted bitcoin

Giants such as Goldman Sox Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley have offered their customers to invest in this cryptocurrency. Tesla Inc. announced last year that it had invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin. Not only this, the company has also recently announced to accept bitcoin in lieu of its electric car. There are many other big companies like NY Mellon, MasterCard, which have either adopted or invested in cryptocurrency. Since this huge investment by Tesla, bitcoin has seen a bumpy boom.

How cryptocurrency is made?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, issued privately as a digital medium. It works on the basis of Distributor Laser Technology (DLT) like cryptography and blockchain. To understand it in a simple way, it is such a blockchain book, in which transactions are recorded as blocks and linked using cryptography.

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