ATM skimming can be a victim of big digital fraud, thus be careful while withdrawing money from ATM

With the changing times, a lot of changes have been seen in the system of the bank. People rarely like to go to the bank these days. He prefers to make online payments sitting at home. With the increasing use of ATMs, people committing cyber crimes have also become very active. He is engaged in defrauding people in new ways. One of them is the new method of ATM skimming. Through this fraudsters are duping people of crores.

What is skimming?
Skimming is a method by which customers’ ATM information is cherry-picked through a magnetic chip. Cyber ​​criminals install a device at any ATM at our card dispensing machine or merchant payment terminal. This is called a skimmer. This skimmer gets the information of your ATM details. It steals important information like your card number, its CVV number etc.

After this, the information of the PIN is also stolen with the help of a small camera at the place where the PIN number is entered in the ATM machine itself. After this, the fraudsters clone your ATM card from all these information. After this, with the help of your information, they take away all the money from your bank account. In the last few years, the number of such banking offenses has increased very rapidly.

In this way, tell yourself about the skimming fraud happening in the ATM-
Keep in mind that avoid saving money from a deserted ATM. Such criminals make deserted ATM machines their target.
Whenever you use the keypad of an ATM, take special care that the keypad is well covered with your hands. This will not steal your PIN information from any camera.
Do not take any kind of help from any unknown person while withdrawing money from ATM.
Keep checking the balance in your bank account from time to time.
In case of any fraud, contact your bank immediately.



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