Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is resigning as CEO today

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, one of the largest e-commerce companies, is resigning as CEO. From today Jeff will no longer be the CEO of the company. At the same time, in his place, Andy Jesse, who is said to be close to him and will run Amazon’s cloud computing business.

Jeff Bezos is credited with making Jeff Bezos the world’s largest e-commerce company in 1994, an online book-selling company. Jeff Bozos has been the CEO of Amazon Company for nearly 27 years.

Jeff Bezos will board a space flight
Jeff is now going to start his career by resigning from the company. Actually, Jeff has decided to give more time to himself and many other projects. Bezos now wants to focus his full attention on the mission of space flight. He will board the first space flight of his company Blue Origin starting this month.

Gave Shopping a Very Simple Look
About Bezos, a member of the Booking Institute’s Center for Technology Innovation said that he is a leader in the field of book sales, retail, cloud computing and home delivery. He said that Bezos has been such a person who understood the need of the people and keeping everything in mind, gave a very easy look to shopping. Bezos has played a special and important role in taking the e-commerce sector to heights.

Jeff Bezos used to pack the order himself
This journey was not easy for Bezos. He started his company in a garage. He himself used to pack the order and take the box to the post office. At the same time, today Amazon’s market is more than $ 1.7 trillion.

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