After the military attack on Ukraine, there was a ruckus in the Russian stock market, the stock exchange of Russia fell by 50 percent

After Russia’s military attack against Ukraine, there is a similar uproar in the stock markets around the world. The Russian stock market also saw a big decline. Trading started on the Moscow Exchange with a delay of two hours in the morning. Russia’s stock exchange fell 50 percent during trading. Russia’s RTS index fell 50.05 percent to the level of 612.69. At the same time, MOEX Broad Market fell 44.59 percent to 1226. The exchange’s fear index also fell by 35 per cent. 

After this action of Russia, there is a huge increase in the prices of all the commodities. Crude oil is trading close to $105 per barrel. At the same time, gold is also trading at the level of Rs 52000 per 10 grams. It is believed that European countries including America can impose economic sanctions on Russia. If this happens, then the fall in the stock market will deepen, as well as the prices of commodities will also catch fire. Due to which there is a danger of increasing inflation around the world. 

It is believed that the US stock market will also open with a heavy fall. In the futures market, the US stock market is trading with a heavy fall. Earlier, a big fall was also seen in the Indian stock market. March 23: During the first wave of the Corona epidemic, a bigger fall was seen in the Indian stock markets on Thursday than what was seen in the market. Sensex Nifty has seen a fall of about 5 percent in both the indices. Sensex has slipped below 55,000 and Nifty has slipped below 17000.




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