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BOHECO Life, a Brand by Bombay Hemp Company, Launches First-of-Its-Kind Health and Wellness Store in Bangalore

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  • Much awaited, and 8 years after its incorporation, Bombay Hemp Company’s brand BOHECO Life is ready to take its agricultural revolution to the next level by launching its flagship store-come-clinic in collaboration with Bangalore distributor Danes Medical Solutions, with MD, Karan Adpangaya.
  • Doors have been open to the public since the store launch on April 20, 2021 (4/20 – World Cannabis Day).

The brainchild of 7 lateral thinkers, BOHECO has taken upon themselves the mission to revolutionise and formalise the hemp & cannabis sector, allowing for standardised procedures in harvesting, production, and procurement. Until very recently, hemp and cannabis cultivation was a stagnant, and untapped industry despite the incredible potential possessed by the plant and its derivatives. For generations, locals in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have benefited from its medicinal properties, as well as its basic use of providing heat by means of firewood and fibre to make clothes. A multipurpose super-crop which is a gift that keeps on giving.

Bombay Hemp Company is focused on precisely this quality of versatility, and with sustained research and development have uncovered a plethora of uses and cultivated a line of products ranging from nutritional and ayurvedic remedies, yarn, textile including fabrics, apparel, and accessories. However, a large part of what they do focuses equally on societal implications, more so, the workforce behind the product.

Fundamentally, modernising the hemp farming sector translates into job creation for thousands of locals in the area who once upon a time rejected the non-lucrative crop. Hence, working literally at the grass-root level to create a synergetic industry not only betters society as a whole via the products produced, but by the people involved too.  
The way forward to sustainable Indian agriculture is currently being paved by continuous research, sustained farmer empowerment, and initiating dialogues with the government for lasting partnerships, policy changes and value addition to the crop itself. By launching this wellness centre, BOHECO Life wishes to encourage communication with the public too, and looks forward to dispelling any doubts and providing any clarification required.

As of date, the need for plant-based health & wellness is monumental. Individuals are increasingly opting for sustainable sources that care for them and protect the planet as well. With generations progressively turning to new lifestyle ailments that continuously crop up, Hemp & Cannabis based products fit into this realm quite seamlessly.

Reflecting upon this new step in their venture, BOHECO’s co-founder Yash Kotak remarked: “A single hemp plant can provide a multitude of things including the food we eat, the clothes we wear, ropes, building material, and medicine. The knowledge of which has been passed down generations in the hilly regions of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, the advantages of Hemp & Cannabis has so far been lost to people living in cities. Through the launch of BOHECO Life’s brick & mortar store-come-clinic, we wish to only further our vision to Educate, Cultivate and Elevate. The products available at the store will comprise of BOHECO Life and its partner brands products – Rx and OTC. Essentially, all products available on are on display and available at the store.”

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