Vizag LG polymers gas leakage, Rs 1 crore each to be given to kin of those killed.

Vizag experienced a horrifying incident at 3AM on Thursday when gas leaked from the LG polymers industry at RR Venkatapuram near Naiduthota area close to Gopalapatna . Reports state that 11 people, including two senior citizens and an 8-year-old girl, died and nearly 5,000 people fell sick due to the harmful chemical substances.

At around 3AM the locals panicked as they had difficulty in breathing and some even complained of rashes on their body. As the matter came to light, the local police rushed them to the hospitals. People were found unconscious on the roads.

PM Narendra Modi chaired a meeting with the Union home ministry and the National Disaster Management Authority to know the status of the prevailing situation.

The AP government has said that the official machinery has taken charge of the situation by evacuating people from the affected area. He claimed that it is under control now. the PM also called the AP CM and enquired about the situation. The CM told

A specialized chemical called PTBC will be sent in from Gujrat to Vishakhapatnam to help neutralize the effects of the gas leak, a Gujarat government official said. This chemical, used to reduce the effects of gas leak, is manufactured only in Vapi, Gujarat, and will be sent on an urgent basis.

The AP chief minister, Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy visited the KGH hospital in the city where most of the affected patients have been admitted. The AP government has also announced that Rupees 1 Crore will be given each to the kin of those who were killed.

Meanwhile, the DGP, Damodar Goutam Sawang, said that this gas leak at the chemical plant was by accident and that they were strictly following the necessary protocols. An investigation team and a forensic team has been sent to the spot.

The effects of the gas leakage could be felt in areas within 3km-radius. In areas like Santoshnagar, located more than 2km’s away from the chemical factory, residents fell unconscious. Around 6AM the police intervened and asked the residents to relocate as they complained of vomiting and breathlessness.

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