Work related to Driving License will now be completed using Aadhaar Card from home itself

Today every India is familiar with the importance of Aadhaar card, the necessity of Aadhaar card is growing in many important works related to bank, pension, government policies or licences. Recently a draft has been prepared by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, in which vehicle owners will need proof of Aadhaar to avail contactless services and avoid the hassles of going to the transport departments office.

16 online services are included in this draft

16 other such services have been included in this draft. Under this rule, obtaining a license, renewing the driving license (DL), changing your address, transferring vehicle papers and issuing the international driving license. That is, Aadhaar authentication will be necessary for all these works.

According to a draft order by the Ministry of Road Transport, those who are willing to avail contactless services through the portal will have to undergo Aadhaar authentication. With this rule, Aadhaar authentication can be done at home. A ministry official said that those who do not want to go for Aadhaar authentication will have to visit the office to avail such services.

Fake licenses will be closed:  

This will help the government to eliminate the person from using more than one driving license and fake documents. Which are big thorns for road safety in India. Another official said nowadays people are preferring contactless or online services, therefore we are expecting this service to be popular.

There may be changes in the process of obtaining a license:  

Not only this, but the government is also planning to change the process of obtaining a driving license. The draft order also states that there is a possibility of releasing a list of government recognized car driving training centres in the future. Those enrolled in such training centres will be eligible to get a driving license immediately. 


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