The new Tata Harrier SUV: 5 facts which you must know

Tata Harrier SUV: Harrier is the name of the production version of the Tata H5X concept. According to some news and leaked sources the car is going to launch in the year 2019. Tata has always been pleasing their customer by providing them the cheap cars with good features.

Tata Motors took the wrap of H5X SUV concept in the auto expo 2018. Tata Motors promised that the final product will be similar to the look of the concept. There are 5 facts which you must be knowing about the new Tata Harrier.

Two different variants of Tata Harrier SUV

Tat confirmed that the name of the car will Harrier but there will be two versions of the car. The Harrier is the name of the version of that car which is having five-seater, whereas the other version will be seven seaters and the name will be different. The seven-seater will come later after the launch of the five-seater. The five-seater will be coming in the month of January next year that is on 2019.

Platform underpinning the Discovery Sport of Land Rover

Tata Motors Omega platform will build the Harrier that is a platform underpinning the Discovery Sport of Land Rover. The steering gear, floor pan, and suspension will be similar but to check the cost they will replace the aluminum bits with affordable steel parts. The curb weight of the car will be exceeding 1650 Kg. Not only this the Discovery Sport and Harrier will be sharing the same wheelbase that is 2741 mm.

Fiat Diesel engine as the source

The Harrier will be using the Fiat sourced 2.0 liter four cylinder turbo-diesel engine. This is the same engine which powers the Jeep Compass. The five-seater will be having 140 bhp power while the seven-seater will be having 170 bhp power. There will be six-speed manual transmission as well as an automatic transmission. There will be a new four-wheel-drive system for the model.

Good and spacious cabin

There will be an armrest at the front and center and there will also be ample room in the second row of the seats. The cabin will be available in a top form. However, there will also be steering mounted buttons and also a touchscreen infotainment at the dashboard. Memory functions for the front seats are also there. There is no rear AC vent in the prototype nor a sunroof, but these features will be included in the final product. There are overhead storage bins on the H5X under test.

Overwhelming design

Tata confirmed that the car will look similar to the final production version. It will be the first model which will be having the latest impact design 2.0 design language. Exaggerated wheel arches will be present along with bold styling. High-set LED tail lamps, slim headlights, and floating roof also will be there to enhance the beauty of the new Tata Harrier.

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