E-Scooter Mileage TIPS: Electric scooter will give tremendous range in single charge

The demand for electric scooters in India is continuously increasing and the reason behind this is their economical nature. These scooters can travel long distances at low cost. Although many people have electric scooters it does not give the range according to the company’s claim. In such a situation, when driving a scooter, it gets discharged after travelling a short distance. If the electric scooter is getting discharged quickly then there is not necessarily any technical fault in it, if you wish, the range of electric scooter can be extended from 10 to 20 km by following some simple tips. Today we are going to tell you about easy ways to increase the range of electric scooters.

Economy Mode: It is very important to drive any electric scooter on economy mode and this is because the battery consumption in economy mode reduces significantly. In this way, you can increase the range of 5 to 10 kilometres and can travel long distances.

Avoid Deep Discharge: Some people stop driving the scooter when its battery is deep discharged or is going to happen. If this is done for a long time, then the battery starts to heat up a lot and its life starts to decrease. You should always charge the electric scooter only if you have 20 per cent battery left and should not deep discharge it for any reason. 

Pillion Rider: If you want good range in an electric scooter, then try not to have anyone sitting on the pillion seat. This means that when two people sit on an electric scooter, it puts more pressure on the motor and also increases the battery consumption due to which the range of the scooter is reduced and in a short time, the electric scooter is battery gets drained. 

Weather Condition: If you want the battery of electric scooter to work well and you get a tremendous range, then you have to protect your scooter from the weather. In fact, the battery of electric scooter is affected due to excess cold and excess heat, due to which it may need to be charged again and again. Not only this, you should not park the scooter in the open are. Battery temperature is affected due to parking scooter in the open.

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