Tata Tiago EV Price In India, launch Date, Detail

Tata Tiago EV Price In India, Tata has been the best for the middle-class family. There are many cars within a range of 3 to 5 lakhs. This is an affordable price and many people can buy this. From the mileage side also Tata has been satisfying the needs of common people. Tata released a car named Nano which was the cheapest car many years back.

Tata Tiago was released a few years ago that is on the year of 2016 and now it has been remodeled with new specifications and a slight change in the looks. The car is known to be fantastic one within that range. There are two variants of the cars from where you can pick any one of them. At the end of this year, Tata will launch the new Tata Tiago EV. It is an electric vehicle.

 Tata Tiago EV is different from other EV vehicles

Tata Tiago can accommodate 5 persons in it. Electric vehicles are soon going to take the market in future. So Tata launched the new model of Tiago which is named as Tata Tiago EV. The engines are basically powered by the 3-phase AC induction motor which is having the capacity of producing a peak output of 30 kW at 4500 rpm.

The performance is far from electrifying as it can produce a power of 40 bhp. The car will be having a fast charging capability, although the range of battery is not mentioned until now. The weight of the new Tata Tiago will be 1040 Kg.

The car will be launched this year but during the last quarter of the year. The price is likely to be higher than Rs 10 lakh. But however, from certain leaks, it can be said that the car will be having a capacity to run a distance of 100 Km. However, this is not the first attempt by Tata in releasing the EV cars. The previous models for EV car were Bolt EV. The car will be using a battery pack of lithium-ion which can cool itself from overheating.

In the year 2017, the sales of Tata Tiago crossed 7000 for the first time. The development of Tata Tiago as an EV was an initiative taken by the UK Government. So Tata is also entering the competition of electric vehicles with the launch of Tata Tiago EV at the end of this year. Let’s hope for the best that it satisfies the needs of the customers.


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