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Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo introduced; priced from INR 1.38 crore

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the V-Class Marco Polo in India priced from INR 1.38 crore. It catches its body design from the Mercedes V-Class and combines some modifications to be the latest carrier for vacations and weekend journeys. This camper van highlights a two-seater seat in the back that can be re positioned on tracks and be turned into an individual bed or into a double grading 2.03 m x 1.13 m – either of the two simply at the stroke of a button. You can find inflatable side bolsters that are automatically collapsed in the reclining posture.

At the top side, there’s an extra, luxury home bed measuring 2.05 m x 1.13 m. This bed below the pop-up roof comprises of a high-quality lather cushion and a slatted structure of unique elasticated budding particles. If you have babies napping on it, a shielding net can be connected to the fore side for their security. The pop-up roof is formed of glass-fiber bolstered plastic with a concertina of enigmatic, waterproof knitted material. It can be optionally furnished with a soft electric drive. When the bed is not needed, the slatted mat can be wrapped upwards to present the cabin more spacious.

The luxury camper van also highlights a kitchenette with a cabinet module comprising of a wide, self-closing drawer with stretching worktop larger stowage compartment and ,self-closing drawers and a with a sliding gate. It has two gas stoves, wash basin and a 40L compressor fridge, all included with readily cleanable, impact-resistant glass. The freshwater basin and wastewater tub are placed inside the vehicle. Their inclinations are 38 litres and 40 litres sequentially.

A folding desk with a scratch-resistant facade is connected to the kitchenette and can be rolled in and out on a sliding track. It can be placed as needed for up to four persons. That is two persons on the bench seat and one on front passenger seats and another person on the driver. It is in a perpendicular space next to the bench seat when wrapped.

Features of the Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo also incorporate front passenger seats and driver seats, which can be revolved by 180 degrees. Along with that electric vent window on the rear right, screen for the windscreen and anterior side windows, spacious wardrobe with skidding entrances, a clothes track and a trimmed swing-out mirror.

The dimension of Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo is 5,140 mm in length and contains a 3,200 mm wheelbase. Beneath the hood, it contains a BS-VI 2.0-litre diesel motor that generates 163 PS and 380 Nm of torque. A 9-speed mechanical transmission is standard. This camper van is accessible in two alternatives, Marco Polo Horizon and Marco Polo, rated from INR 1.38 crore and INR 1.46 crore individually.


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