HYUNDAI KONA – India’s 1st electric SUV – price in India, images, mileage, features.

Everybody’s talking about electric vehicles. Politicians, Industrialists, people who are against pollution, all are talking about electric vehicles so, here it is. India’s first electric SUV, the Hyundai Kona. Now, if this car looks familiar to you. It’s because you might have already seen a regular Kona that comes in petrol and diesel. India gets an electric version.

It has a different face, no grills because there is no radiator as there is no I.C. engine under the hood rather it has a charging port there that opens only when the car is unlocked. Headlamps are placed down below the all-time running LED lamps. Same as the, front the rear tail-lights, indicators are also housed down below. It has a bit of a rugged look to it because of the body cladding. The wheels look as if they are from some concept car.

This car looks a bit futuristic but not so out of place as if it is screaming that it is an electric car. Inside also it looks familiar to a high-end Hyundai car other than there is no gear lever popping out of the center console. It operates on four buttons. Build quality, product finish is top-notch giving it a premium feel. It gets an electric parking brake, wireless charging port for smartphones, heated and cooled seats, electrically adjustable seats, electric sunroof. But everything is not that good on Kona. It isn’t that big, actually shorter than Venue. The boot space is only 332 liters which is bit of a disappointment.

General Specifications

Engine Type


Permanent Magnet Synchron


Max Power (bhp@rpm)




Max Torque (nm@rpm)




Valves Per Cylinder








Front Suspension


Mcpherson Strut


Rear Suspension




Steering Type




Steering Column


Tilt & Telescopic


Fuel Type Electric (Battery)
Price 25.3 Lakhs

Hyundai Kona has a 39.2 KWH Li-On battery which generates 136 P.S of power and 395 Nm of torque. It charges fully in about 6 hours with the complementary wall-mounted charger. It also gets a portable charger that can charge it to the range of 50 kms in under 3 hours and it can be plugged anywhere. D.C fast charging is also available in Hyundai stores and selected fuel pumps that can charge it fully in under 1 hour. You need to have no range anxiety as it can go up to 452 kms once charged fully.




The paddle shifters on this car does not change gears as there are no gears on it. They alter regenerative breaking that can be adjusted to 4 levels. You can simply brake using left paddle shifter, just hold it continuously and the vehicle stops. So you can actually control this car by just accelerator and a paddle shifter. How cool is that! It has no vibrations and is very refined. It’s a stable car and the brakes are fantastic too.

Hyundai Kona is priced at 25.3 lakhs but electric vehicles are generally more expensive than I.C. engine cars.


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