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Yamaha RX 100: Yamaha is going to launch a bike at a price of Rs 16000

Yamaha RX 100: Yamaha is going to launch a bike at a price of Rs 16000, Many people dream to buy bikes whether they are costly or not. But to some people bike serves the purpose of traveling and they require a good amount of mileage. Yamaha is one such leading company which provides normal bike as well as sporty look bike.

Yamaha is basically a Japanese company which provides a wide range of products and services. It not only makes bike but also produces marine transports like a boat. It makes sports bikes, trail bikes, road racers, Starcruiser bikes and also motocross racers. It builds the off-road bike as well as bikes for common people. People prefer brand as they can rely on it.

But however, it is not possible for all people living in India to buy high rated bikes. So Yamaha has decided to launch a bike at a very low price. No could even imagine what the price will be. According to some sources, the bike will be priced at around Rs 16,000. Let’s hope for the best that Yamaha will provide the customer with a good quality bike with good products and mileage so that common people can feel free to buy it.

About the launch of the new bike of Yamaha

According to some sources, it is known that the Yamaha Company will release a bike in the month of June which will cost around Rs 16,000. Yamaha company is said to be India’s one of the favorite company. They build bikes ranging from 1000cc to 150cc.

About Yamaha RX 100

The name of the new model which is worth Rs 16,000 is RX 100. It will be having two-stroke cylinder engines. This two-stroke engine will produce an 11 HP power at 7500 rpm. RX 100 will be having the torque of 10.39 nm at 6500 rpm. The fuel capacity of the bike is also comparatively good as it is providing with 10.5 liters in this bike.

It will be an upgraded version of old RX 100. Ground clearance of the bike is 145 mm and it is having 4 gears. The look of the new RX 100 will be same as that of the old RX 100. It was one of the economical bikes at old 90s. Many people still have this bike with them. From kids to adults everyone liked this bike. So let’s hope Yamaha comes with a bang this time also.

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