TVS iQube Electric Scooter – The Major Features You Need To Know

TVS introduced its new electric scooter, the iQube, at Rs 1.15 lakh. Like most scooters, the TVS iQube electric scooter is also, loaded with the best features. Its SmartXonnect technology, which encourages the rider to utilize an app and get access to the functions of the scooter such as navigation, over-speed alert, geo-fencing, and so on. Other specialties incorporate all-around LED illumination and a unique park support feature named the Q-park. Plus.


TVS iQube electric scooter’s design is very simplistic and looks to target customers of every age. It comes with rather conventional, yet the modern-looking design and, for now, is only available in a white finish. The iQube uses 12-inch wheels that look like the same ones that first made an appearance on the special-edition Jupiter. The headlight and tail-light on the scooter are LED units and the e-scooter also has a unique U-shaped LED DRL at the front, along with an illuminated ‘electric’ logo near the motor.


Powering the TVS iQube electric scooter is a 4.4kW electric engine that drives the scooter to a claimed top speed of 78kph. In comparison, the Bajaj Chetak has a top speed of 60kph, while the Ather 450 can go up to 80kph. TVS claims that its iQube can cover 75km on an adequate charge. This is at level with the Ather 450 though quite a little lower than the Bajaj Chetak’s demanded range of 95km. TVS is also insisting on a 0-40kph time of 4.2 seconds. The scooter has two driving modes – power and economy – and appears with regenerative braking. The battery on the iQube is not detachable.


The TVS iQube electric scooter is furnished with a ‘next-gen TVS SmartXonnect platform’ that includes a TFT device cluster and the TVS iQube app. Both these together allow users to obtain features such as geo-fencing, remote battery charge status, navigation assist, last park area, and incoming call /SMS alerts, among others.

Battery and engine

The TVS iQube takes a 2.25 kWh lithium-ion battery along with a 4.4 kW motor. The scooter has two riding modes which are cost-effectiveness and power. The top speed of the iQube EV is about 78 kmph and it has a range of about 75 kilometres. The battery can be loaded sufficiently with the standard 5A charger in about 4-5 hours. The electric engine develops an equivalent of 6 bhp and 140 Nm and the 0-40 kmph race is performed in 4.2 seconds.

The TVS iQube Electric scooter is powered by a 4.4kW hub engine, which produces 140Nm of torque at the wheel. TVS requires it can drive the scooter from 0-40kmph in 4.2 seconds. In parallel, the Ather 450 necessitates 3.84 seconds to touch the same speed. The TVS iQube Electric scooter’s top speed is restricted to 78kmph in Sport mode and 40kmph in Eco mode.

A hub motor effects in greater weight, so it persists to be noticed how the dynamics are pretended due to this. As anticipated from a new electric scooter, there’s regenerative braking too. As well, it also occupies a reverse mode called Q-park assistance.

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