Bajaj Pulsar Dominar 200 Price, Launch Date, design, Specifications, Mileage

The exciting bike Bajaj Pulsar Dominar 200 is anticipated to launch by early 2019. It will be a more commuter-friendly version of the Dominar 400. The 200cc engine would offer huge power with decent mileage statistics. It will seem to be equal to the paster version but will drop a few features. Read ahead to know more about the power cruiser.

Bajaj Dominar 200 Price in India

The reasonable cost of the Bajaj Pulsar Dominar 200 bike is normal to be in the scope of Rs 1.1 lakhs to Rs 1.2 lakhs. This will be less expensive than the RS 200 in all probability. The number of features will be less and furthermore, the ABS will be just a solitary channel one. A little motor on the Dominar is a decent approach and will assist the organization in gathering more sales volumes.

Bajaj Pulsar Dominar 200 Launch Date in India

The bike is probably going to be export to different markets and has the chances of releasing in India by mid-2019. The Indian bike producer needs to grow its present portfolio and the Bajaj Dominar 200 is probably going to be one of them. The Bajaj Dominar 200 will enable the organization to increment is proximity in the professional bike section.

Bajaj Dominar 200 Brakes and Suspension

The brakes and suspension will be the same on the Bajaj Dominar 200. Simply that Bajaj will offer it with single channel ABS rather than double. The Bajaj Dominar 200 will be more reasonable than the greater part of the 200cc bikes. This will give it a value advantage. A similar suspension implies better ride and taking care of. The case can deal with significantly more power and torque than the 200cc engine. The suspension will perform far and away superior as the engine is littler and lighter. Yet, even the tires will be more slight for better mileage and performance.

Bajaj Pulsar Dominar 200 – mileage

As far as mileage, the Bajaj Pulsar Dominar 200 will be more effective than the 400. Be that as it may, it will be lesser than Pulsar RS 200. The Dominar’s body weight is more than the Pulsar and it is broader as well. The higher torque will likewise influence the fuel productivity somewhat. Thus, in the city, it should return around 35km/l and on the open street, the number will ascend to around 40km/l. In blend conditions, you can expect an efficiency of around 37km/l.

Bajaj Dominar 200 Features

  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • Single channel ABS
  • Split grab rails
  • Projector headlamp
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Single-channel ABS
  • Cruiser seating and handlebars

Bajaj Dominar 200 Design

The Dominar will proceed with its powerful position. it will look ruling and have a decent road presence. There will have an expansive headlamp, up-to-date daytime running LEDs will be a piece of the bundle. The modish and strong appearance of the bike will linger.. The fuel tank size may diminish, yet it is too soon to discuss it. The tires will be slimmer and it may likewise get an alternate arrangement of alloy wheels. This will decrease the cost too. The Bajaj Dominar 200 will gets distinctive LEDs on the headlamp, only a standard bulb with daytime running LEDs for the most part. The LED headlamp is costly. The backlights will be the same and the measurements too won’t change. Bajaj Dominar 200 will keep on looking great ideally, in spite of it loosing on features.

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