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Bajaj CT100-The cheapest bike in India with affordable features; know the design and performance

Bajaj CT100 found immense success and love in the Indian market while the time they were launched and this is exactly what it’s far. The Bajaj portfolio now includes modern bikes, with lots of generation. The design of the CT 100 is not much differed since its release in 2004. Bajaj later delivered alloy wheels and relaunched the motorcycle in 2015. The bike also feels fresher in its new avatar, with new snapshots and a barely redesigned front stop.

Bajaj CT100 engine and performance

The motorbike is powered by an air-cooled, 99.27cc, single-cylinder engine with the highest power output of 8.1bhp at 7,500rpm and the most torque output of 8.05Nm at 4500rpm. Performance isn’t always clear what this motorbike is constructed for, but each time stimulated, its miles able to do just over 90km/h. This, however, isn’t something most CT 100 owners might ever do. What they expect from this bike is, extraordinarily excessive stages of gas efficiency, and the Bajaj CT 100 delivers on this in a big manner. It claims a notably decent 90km/l.

Bajaj CT100 fuel efficiency

The largest energy of the Bajaj CT 100 is fuel efficiency. The CT 100 boasts of an ARAI tested mileage of 90km/l, but that is under best conditions. In actual situations, the motorcycle returns 60km/l at the same time as being ridden in the metropolis and 75km/l while being ridden on the toll road. This leads to a decent common of 67km/l.

Bajaj CT 100 Design

The Bajaj CT100 has two headlamps one is an old school round clear headlamp (CT100B) and other is covered in a little fairing. There is also a variation in wheels as the 100B is the standard looking one with spine wheels and the ordinary Bajaj CT100 has alloys like a contemporary motorcycle. The tank is the same and has a slight scoop for the knees for support. The suspension has an additional spring that is representative of Bajaj and as we also set up on the Platina for extra soothe and steadiness.

Bajaj CT100 significant features

The Bajaj CT 100 is one of the best motorbikes in the bazaar to include something Bajaj calls SNS (spring in spring) suspension, in which there are springs at the identical axis on the rear. One to soak upbeat effect from small bumps and the bigger outer spring absorbs impact from huge bumps. The maximum important characteristic of the Bajaj CT 100 is its gentleness and reliability, which has been examined for over a decade, not simply in India however wherever Bajaj sells the CT100


The Bajaj CT100 is for those who simply want their bike to run reliably always, under any situation and cross long distances without being worried approximately refueling. The motorbike would not disappoint those seeking out a motorbike which can do simply that. However, assume something greater from this bare primary motorbike, and one might be dissatisfied.


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